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I'm a 22-year-old NKY/Cincy native with a camera. I found this passion of mine at 16 years old and have been wildly chasing after it ever since! Over the past few years, along with photography, I've developed a heart for couples and a passion for traveling... so why not combine it all, right? So here I am, figuring it all out alongside you and eager to serve you in the best way I know how. 

here's how i do things...

It took me a minute to figure out how I wanted to go about running this business but I feel like I've finally found my niche. My first couple of years as a photographer, I was trying to do it like everyone else. I knew how to pose perfectly and set up the right shot. I got tired of it real quick. Here's my approach now: to photograph you as you are, be your hype girl, and to capture moments that make you feel something forever. I give just enough direction to make you at ease but not so much that you feel unlike yourself. It's important to me to pay attention to who you are, what lights you up, and how to tell your love story through my photos. When you see your photos, I want you to feel the love in your hearts that you have for each other. When your friends + family see my photos, I want them to say "that's SO them."  

when I'm not holding a camera...

I'm probably eating tacos. If not, I'm hanging out with my girlfriends.... or I'm eating tacos with my girlfriends. I have a golden retriever pup named Finn who is literally my fur child. If I could bring him everywhere with me, I would. I love Jesus with all of my heart and I get to serve my city through Queen City Church. Traveling is one of my favorite things (but so is my own bed, so do you see my dilemma?). My favorite places I've been (so far) are Amsterdam, Mexico, Utah, and Arizona... but bring me wherever you are and I'll probably love it just as much. I love hiking, pizza, my cute lil fam, reading (even though it takes me a year to get through one book), James Bay, wasting my time in Target, big t-shirts, and coffee. Want to know anything else? Just ask! 

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my name is kelsey


I’m a 25 year old, born and raised in Northern Kentucky. My passion is serving people, and believe it or not, I have a masters in social work. I became friends with Annie a couple years ago in the middle of my studies. I quickly realized, through our friendship and being dragged to her shoots with her, that I had a hidden love for photography. I decided to completely take a leap of faith, despite 5 years of hard work at school, and completely change my career choice and pursue photography. Now I am photographing full time with my best friend and am completely in love with my job -- how cool is that?!

why I love this gig

Although I am not pursuing social work currently, I am thankful for all the things I learned through my studies. Just like working in social work, I get to interact with people constantly with photography. You have to be compassionate for people in the field of social work, and I believe you need that same compassion in photography. I love being able to connect with people through the images I am creating. I also have a passion for making people smile and giggle. So 9/10 of the candid shots I capture of people genuinely laughing are from me saying something completely weird to make them burst out in laughter. For couples, I enjoy being able to visibly capture people’s love and emotions for each other. There is something beautiful about looking at an image I took and being able to see true happiness and affection between two people. For seniors, I adore making high schoolers feel good about themselves through an image. I completely understand what a hard season of life being in high school is. Being able to make someone genuinely feel completely relaxed in front of a camera, comfortable in their own skin, seeing themselves a young adult, and truly happy with the final result of their unique portraits, gives me an amazing feeling. I’m thankful I have found something that challenges me to utilize my creative mind. I’m also thankful I get to do something that I truly enjoy, makes me happy, and makes others happy!

when I'm not holding a camera...

I love painting and decorating my little home in my free time. My husband Lendyn is the most amazing man on this planet and is 100% supportive of my hopes and dreams as a photographer (you’ll even catch him tagging along with me as my second shooter on wedding days). I think about coffee probably 75% of the day and have a requirement of eating skyline at least once a week. Our husky pup, CiCi, is our fur baby and we are completely obsessed with her (she is the goodest, good girl ever). I love Jesus with all of my heart and I get to use my photography skills to serve at Queen City Church on Sundays, as I am a part of the media team there. If I’m not attending church, sipping on a latte, or watching a movie on the couch with my hubs and pup, I’m hanging out with Annie being totally weird or dreaming about where our awesome job will take us in the next 5 years. Anything else you want to know about me, just ask!

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